A Week Without Insulin

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a strong desire to discover how much insulin I really need. Not only do I dread finding a place to give myself a shot, but I hate wondering if i gave myself too much or too little insulin for the meal. I decided to start giving myself a little less each day to see what the resulting bg levels are and to my surprise they haven’t changed much at all. I can’t complain, my abdomen is loving the time to heal but I can’t help but to wonder how long this will last. I guess time will tell. But for the last week I haven’t had any meal time insulin and I’ve reduced my night time insulin (Lantus) to 4-5 units without reducing my overall carb intake.  In fact, I’ve been eating everything from cheeseburgers to potatoes with no real changes in bg levels.

Unfortunately I don’t know too many diabetics who were my age when diagnosed, well actually I don’t know any diabetics, so there aren’t too many people that can personally advise me to do otherwise. I’m very new to diabetes, so figuring this stuff out is trial and error. I don’t wear a CGM, so I only know what my bg level is 2 hours after eating. But since I started this I haven’t gone below 75 mg/dL and wake up between 80 and 90 mg/dL every morning. I think the key to this working for me has been a good mix of protein, sports and general awareness of this condition. I’m also still making lots of my own insulin, something I hope lasts as long as possible.


Apr 2012
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  1. Sara says:

    Sorry to leave all these comments, but I am getting caught up on your blog after being introduced to it by Scott.

    I was diagnosed (correctly) at age 22. I actually should have been diagnosed about a year before. The fact that I still made my own insulin is probably the reason I didn’t die!

    The current research out there is that people with diabetes continue to make their own insulin for quite a while. By taking some artificial insulin to supplement, you are giving your burned-out pancreas a bit of a break and will have steadier numbers for much longer.

    • drew says:

      Comment as much as you like, I love this! I read your diagnosis story and so much of it reminded my of how i discovered my t1d. I was losing weight (30 pounds total), feeling dizzy, spacey at times and overall crappy. As of about 4 days ago i stopped using the Lantus and my numbers have been awesome ever since! While I know this won’t last forever, its good to have experienced using insulin and getting used to the process so at least I know what is to come in the near future.

  2. Alexandra says:

    I’m actually a little envious for this!
    I was diagnosed in December at 21, and at some point I had such high blood sugars that I’ve decided to take less insulin (yes, diabetes drives us to all kinds of weird conclusions).
    Everything went so good for a while – 1 ui used to cover even 20 carbs with awesome pre and postprandial numbers. But now 1 ui won’t even cover 10 :/

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