The Amazing Stevia!

One of the first things I learned after being told I have type 1 diabetes is that i can no longer dump sugar into my coffee and enjoy the yummy deliciousness of sugar in pretty much anything else anymore. This was probably one of the hardest things for me to accept and i wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with it. Luckily after scouring the earth (searching the internet) for an answer I kept hearing about this sweetener called Stevia, a zero calorie all natural sweetener. At first I ignored it because I thought it was simply another artificial “Sweet-n-Low” type sweetener, and I hate that stuff. Then after drinking coffee without sugar one time I realized I had nothing to lose but my MIND. So i shot over to Whole Foods and found Pure Via and threw a packet of that in my coffee the next day and wow was I surprised! I had to check my blood sugar to make sure I wasn’t going crazy because for a second I believed that it was actually sugar! I was so excited I told everyone i know which led a co-worker to bring in another brand for me to try, Truvia.

I liked this one even better and the best part was it actually LOOKS like sugar too.

Then i started noticing the there are lots of products out there that use different brands of Stevia including Vitamin Water Zero and Sobe Life Water (my two favorites).

If this sounds too good to be true, well, i don’t know what to tell you go try it for yourself!

Apr 2012