Clean it up!

In the first few weeks following my t1d discovery one of the most overwhelming things was the huge bag of stuff I had to walk out of CVS with and figure out some place to put all that stuff when I got home. Bottles of blood testing strips, lancets, pen needles, insulin pens, rescue kit, glucose bits, alcohol wipes and not to mention disposal. At first I didn’t even care, my entire dresser in my bedroom turned into a diabetic testing grounds and it took me a while to realize that just looking at it was depressing! This was a good example of letting diabetes take over. When I had company I scrambled to clean it up to avoid embarrassment so one day my girlfriend and I decided enough was enough lets figure out a better way to manage this stuff! Here’s what we ended up with:

Overall it helps make me feel a lot more organized and under control. It also helps me to assess how much of my supplies I have left to avoid running out.


Total Cost: $32.98

Bristol Valet Box – Container Store

Flip Bin – Container Store


Apr 2012

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  1. That looks great man! Nice and organized, and keeps all of the D stuff out of view when you don’t need it!

  2. drew says:


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