Fantasy Diabetes Device

I’ve always been interested in the latest technologies and how soon I can get my hands on it. As soon as I found out about myself having diabetes I immediately began looking into the best devices out there to make this easier to deal with. I was already dreaming of fantasy devices and to my surprise, some of the devices I was imagining actually did exist. I remember thinking about how awesome it would be to know what your blood sugar is in real-time. I figured that was far into the future, until my exposure to the DOC quickly showed me that things are moving faster than I once thought!

I’m still very, very new to diabetes. Although I’m excited to be able to have a cool pump with some cutting edge abilities and a CGM (or both combined in one package?) I think I want to stay away from attached devices as long as possible since I know at some point I will have them and rely on them.

With that said I do have a fantasy device in mind that I would love to have today. Ever since I saw the movie Iron Man 2, I quickly took notice of a device he used in the movie that reminded me of a glucose testing device, but a lot simpler. In the movie, he was checking his blood toxicity instead of glucose. It was cool because there was no lancing device needed, just a quick press of the thumb and the results were virtually instant.


In my fantasy this device is instant and painless. I can use it as many times as I like with no risk for damage to my skin from multiple pricks and I can scroll through a menu that lets me check other things such as a1c, and LDL Cholesterol.

Hopefully I see this on the shelves soon!

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May 2012
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7 Responses to : Fantasy Diabetes Device

  1. Jillian says:

    It’s funny. I know a lot of people despise the finger pricks, but my fingers are so calloused after 15 years I don’t even notice. It would be pretty cool to have superhero electronics though!

    Ps. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the community!

    • drew says:

      Thanks for the welcome! Honestly I would love the simplicity of something that didn’t require any maintenance at all.

  2. drew says:

    One day!

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