Free Meter Is Awesome

I ordered this free meter as a spare to put in my desk at work but was immediately blown away at how little blood it needed to produce a result.

This is the Abbott FreeStyle Lite This thing needs a fraction of the blood my One Touch Ultra needs! Simply put, I’m amazed but have such a surplus of One Touch lancets and test strips it would be tough to switch. If they had a better lancing device I might actually be forced to switch but for now it’ll have to be a backup though!

This has me wanting to try other meters and lacing devices, any suggestions?

Apr 2012
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  1. Sara says:

    Don’t let a lancing device hold you back! Most of us use a meter from one company and a lancing device from another. You just have to figure out what combination works best for you.

    I prefer the One Touch meters (mostly because I have a Ping pump so the meter acts as a remote) but I use the Multiclix lancing device that comes with the Accu-Chek meters (but is also sold separately). It has a different type of design where the lancets are in a drum so I have found it to be the least painful.

    • drew says:

      Thanks so much for the comment! I just came from watching the Multiclix / Fastclix video on your site! I’ve been toying around with different meters but have yet to venture out to any other lancing devices. I’m currently using the delica and I’ve really just started to get used to doing it without pain. The reason I was detered from trying something new was mostly because of how long it took to get my initial supply from my pharmacy right the first time! It took so many visits I figured changing anything would be a mess!

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