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January of this year when I found out about this annoying condition my need for insulin was pretty high (for me). I was guzzling megatons of water, pissing every 15 minutes and going in and out of random dizzy spells. The day after being diagnosed I started my insulin treatment with 4 units of Humalog for every ~30 carb meal adding 1/2 a unit for every 10 carbs after that and 10 units of Lantus before bed. Of course, with an a1c of 14.6 (372 mg/dl avegage bg) I think my body just gave up entirely on making insulin, or maybe my pancreas was tired of trying to save me? I have no clue, but luckily I found out in the safest way possible and began to get my bg’s under control .

Here’s a snapshot of my bg’s for the first few days after discovery:

Since then, especially in the last few weeks I’ve stopped using insulin before breakfast every morning because I would go low no matter what I gave myself, I even tried one unit but still ended up low. I reduced my night time Lantus to 9, 8 then 7 units and still may need to bring it down to keep from waking up low. In just the past week without any major diet changes I’ve actually skipped about 4 days without taking any meal time insulin. Maybe playing basketball is helping, hmm… not sure. Either way I’m sure this isn’t something that will last forever, I’m still a new diabetic but I’ll do whatever i can to prolong this “honeymoon” stage I appear to be in. Hopefully it lasts a while.

This is an idea of how it has been for the past few days with barely any insulin at meal time:

All of these bg results are checking before and 1.5 – 2 hours after eating with or without insulin. I wake up pretty much at the same bg every morning and usually go to bed slightly above 100 (usually orchestrated by me eating a snack late). We’ll see how this goes for a while and hopefully my doctor isn’t too upset with me for changing my regimen on my own!

Apr 2012
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