One Thing to Improve

Today’s #DBlog week topic is to look at something that I could do better. Although I haven’t been managing this long enough to develop too many bad habits, I can for certain say that I could improve my attitude about it.

I’m constantly looking at the dark side and fearing the future, trying to figure out how things will change for me before they do. Since early in the year my understanding of diabetes has changed over and over. Things I believed to be true at one point have been disproved and things I didn’t know, often positive things such as studies, technology and the DOC have come to light.

Hopefully with the new connections I’m making every day with events like Diabetes Blog Week I can greatly improve my attitude about living with diabetes. Even though this can be hard, and may get harder having a positive attitude can go a long way!

And a funny cat picture just because:









I am participating in the third annual Diabetes Blog Week! I’ll be contributing by posting about pre-determined topics each day for a week. You can find more posts by going to the topic list and by searching Twitter hashtag #dblogweek.

May 2012
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2 Responses to : One Thing to Improve

  1. Pearlsa says:

    Having a positive attitude is something I struggle with from time to time I am getting better at it but it is a constant struggle.

    You are not alone it is a fight to stay positive.

  2. Kate says:

    The DOC is a great place to find support. I finally “found” it last year during Dblog Week. It was like someone opened a door and showed me all the gold. 🙂

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