What They Should Know

Today’s #dblogweek topic is to write about something you would want non-diabetics to know that they don’t already know about living with diabetes.

Although I have learned a lot about diabetes in the last 4 months, I know there’s more to learn and more to experience before I care what other people think or know about the d-life.  There are a few annoyances such as people not knowing the causes and distinctions between types. But that lack of understanding probably goes for every type of condition out there and I don’t expect anyone to know much about something that they aren’t forced to live with. Until recently I barely knew anything myself. Maybe next blog week I’ll feel differently!


I am participating in the third annual Diabetes Blog Week! I’ll be contributing by posting about pre-determined topics each day for a week. You can find more posts by going to the topic list and by searching Twitter hashtag #dblogweek.

May 2012
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