Whats wrong with my eyes!

I don’t know how many other newly diagnosed diabetics had to deal with this, but in the first three or so weeks after lowering my blood sugar my eyes were effed up big time. They weren’t focusing properly and I was having trouble seeing anything close. At the time I didn’t know anything about diabetes and I was pretty sure I was going blind. Google only made things x10 worse, I’m sure you can imagine trying to search for “eye problems” with “diabetes” anywhere in the search string. After finally seeing my endocrinologist about it I was assured it would go away and was entirely due to the rapid change in my blood sugar level.

Fortunately the issues slowly went away after about three weeks and after seeing an optometrist I was told I have 20/20 vision and no other issues found. I figured I would post about this since I couldn’t find anything to help me when i was dealing with this!

Apr 2012
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  1. Céline says:

    Hi Drew – I just discovered your blog thanks to D-Blog Week and was reading about how you’re adjusting to life with T1.

    I had a similar thing happen with my vision when I was first diagnosed. The morning after I had been put on insulin, I woke up, put on my glasses and discovered a very blurry world. I took them off and could see perfectly (20/20). This perfect vision lasted about two weeks and I never once put my glasses on during that time. Then all of a sudden my vision deteriorated over a few days to the point where I returned to my original prescription and the glasses came back on. Crazy.

    • drew says:

      Wow! That’s insane! I was freaking out because my eyes were getting worse and yours were getting better! Isn’t the human body amazing though? Thanks for the comment!

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